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Patients with renal cysts need to pay attention to these asp

The renal cyst, which is not very familiar to everyone, only knows that it is a type of kidney disease. Renal cyst is a serious organ disease that is very harmful to the body, because the kidney cyst seriously endangers everyone's body. In order to avoid more harm to health caused by negligence, patients should cooperate actively with the treatment and do well in diet nursing at the same time. In the treatment of renal cysts, for different periods of patients, dietary precautions are different. Let's talk with experts about the dietary problems of patients with renal cyst.

Patients with renal cysts need to pay attention to these aspects of the diet

The diet of patients with renal cyst needs to pay attention to the following, the details are as follows:

Limit the taste of preference foods: such as pickled salty foods. Of course, the control of salinity, according to the patient's condition and renal function to make adjustments, not all of the renal cyst diet should be strictly salt.

Limit spicy food: such as chili, alcohol, smoking, chocolate, coffee, sea fish, shrimp, crab and so on.

Avoid eating fermented foods: fermented foods are mainly fermented foods mentioned here, such as fermented bean curd, rotten eggs. Avoid eating this kind of cyst will be beneficial to the growth rate.

Animal visceral cautious eating: renal cyst diet should pay special attention to eat animal liver, in the process of slaughtering animals, many toxins left in the liver, kidney, if the patient after taking these substances invisible to the kidney to increase the burden and aggravate the condition.

Prohibition of drinking alcoholic beverages: alcohol, especially white wine, in patients with renal cysts should quit, alcohol and kidney irritation is excellent. It stimulates polycystin activity and accelerates cyst growth.

Eat more high in vitamins, iron-rich fruits and vegetables: eat more soluble fossil vegetables and fruits, such as black fungus. Eat more diuretic foods, eat more alkaline foods, help cure.

Eat more low-protein diet: per kilogram of body weight per day can enter 0.6 grams of protein, so if the urine output less than 1000 ml per day or edema, heart failure, you need to strictly drink less water and eat less salt, eat less potassium food such as oranges, oranges, various fruits. Low-phosphorus diet, such as do not eat crabs, do not eat foods containing plant protein such as peanuts, soy products, beans, nuts, soy milk, etc. can not eat more into the heat, such as eating more apples, sweet potatoes, yams and so on.

Changing eating habits: the diet of kidney cyst should be analyzed under the guidance of doctors to change bad eating habits and limit certain foods in order to meet the nutritional requirements and improve the quality of life.

Control of heat supply:The right amount of heat should be based on the condition, usually in order to maintain the ideal weight. Because these patients often have disorders of lipid metabolism, reducing dietary intake of fat in the kidney cyst not only helps control calories, but also improves metabolic disorders.

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