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What should be paid attention to in the daily life for patie

Renal cyst is a more common kidney disease, it is a cystic mass with different size and no communication with the outside world. Many people are experiencing the torture of renal cysts, in which patients have to remind patients, renal cysts need to pay attention to the daily life of the matter.

What should be paid attention to in the daily life for patients with renal cyst?

Patients with renal cysts should be strictly controlled diet.

Eat salt in the diet did not eat, spicy stimulation ring to eat, including chili, sprinkle class, shrimp, crabs, was polluted do not eat, do not eat barbecue.

Patients with renal cyst should be treated scientifically.

According to their own actual situation, scientific medicine must not be used regardless of the disease, so as not to achieve the expected efficacy. Patients should avoid infection, especially female patients.

Prevention methods:

1,a shower for bathing

2, avoid holding urine;

3, toilet paper backwards after stool;

4, always pay attention to genital hygiene;

5, try to avoid catheterization and other urinary tract equipment inspection.

The patient should pay strict attention to rest.

Avoid strenuous physical activity and abdominal trauma, swelling of the kidneys should be more obvious when the sling instead of belt.

The above is the relevant information collected by experts, presumably we have some understanding of the above common sense! If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, you can also give us a message, Nephrology specialist with Tongshantang traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will give you the most professional and most effective treatment methods or suggestions.

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