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What are the methods of nursing for patients with renal cyst

Renal cysts are inherited. These cysts will continue to increase with age, will be oppressed to the kidneys, resulting in a lot of adverse consequences. In severe cases, it can lead to life threatening and renal failure. Therefore, in addition to treatment, we should pay more attention to nursing work in order to prevent the patient from suffering great harm. So, when we have renal cysts, What are the main methods of cyst care?

What are the methods of nursing for patients with renal cysts?

[Nursing one] to promote physical and psychological rest: Such as renal hypertension should be regularly measured blood pressure, blood pressure changes according to increase bed rest time;

[Nursing two] reasonable diet: diet should be based on the condition of each disease for patients with specific dietary guidance, such as renal insufficiency renal cysts, should increase the calories (mainly sugar), high-quality low-protein diet, limit into the liquid volume, to keep water balance;

[Nursing three] pay attention to oral care: Keep your mouth clean in the morning and evening and after meal, removal of bad breath, reduce nausea and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold; what is the main nursing method of kidney cyst?

[Nursing method four] To do well the skin care of patients with renal cysts is an important work to prevent skin infection, bedsore and related complications. Because of the accumulation of urinary toxins to stimulate the skin, patients often itch and discomfort, and affect sleep. And scratch the skin easily after infection, so should often use warm water scrub, keep the skin clean, avoid using soap and alcohol. Change clothes, sheets.For patients with severe edema, but also need to pay attention to protecting the skin, often changing position, massage the pressure area, prevent bedsores.

[Nursing Method Five] scientific medication, active treatment: renal cysts is a hereditary disease, many patients with polycystic liver disease, half of patients with hypertension, their formation will continue to oppress the kidneys, leading to kidney Obstructed blood circulation, some hypoxia and hypoxia occurred, constitute renal hypertension, resulting in impaired renal function and tissue, and was progressively worsened.

[Method of care six] Prevention of trauma Renal cyst cyst continues to enlarge, will lead to cyst cystal pressure continues to force the patient's kidneys also continue to increase intra-abdominal pressure. So any slight trauma at this time, such as sprains, bumps, falls, etc. will increase the abdominal pressure or traumatic external force directly on the enlargement of the cyst impact, prompting the cyst with high internal pressure rupture, bleeding, it is easy to induce infection.

Nursing seven] may be appropriate to participate in some recreational activities, but should prevent the waist and abdomen squeeze collision, so as to avoid cyst rupture bleeding. Severe cases need to stay in bed.

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