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Nursing Kidney Cyst In This Way!

In daily life, the incidence of renal cysts is very high and harmful. Because people's understanding of renal cysts is not comprehensive enough, they are often unable to achieve timely and effective treatment, which can easily lead to misdiagnosis. Kidney cyst patient must carry on treatment in time, at the same time still should carry on proper self-care. So how should do the nursing of kidney cyst? 

Nursing Kidney Cyst In This Way!

1. There are many nursing methods for renal cysts. First, patients with renal cyst should take care of oral cavity, keep oral cavity clean in the morning and evening and after meal, remove halitosis, reduce nausea and prevent bacteria and mold.

2. Patients with renal cyst should strengthen skin care, which is an important work to prevent skin infection, bedsore and related complications. It is easy to infect after scratching the skin. Therefore, it should be cleaned frequently with warm water, keep the skin clean, avoid using soap and alcohol, change clothes and sheets frequently. For patients with severe edema, it is necessary to pay more attention to protecting the skin, regularly changing the lying posture, massaging the pressurized part, prevent bedsore.

3. Dietary care is also very important. Patients with renal cyst should be given specific dietary guidance according to the condition of different patients, such as renal dysfunction, should increase calorie (sugars, high quality and low protein), limit the amount of liquid and keep the water balance.

4. In addition, patients with renal cysts should also pay attention to promoting physical and mental rest, such as renal hypertension, blood pressure should be measured regularly, according to blood pressure changes to increase bed rest time.

The above is the relevant information collected by experts, you must have a certain understanding of the above common sense! If you have other nephropathy problems you can browse other web pages, or leave us a message, Nephrology experts of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital Of traditional Chinese Medicine will give you the most professional and most effective treatment methods and suggestions.

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