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What are the hazards of having kidney cysts?

The disease of renal cysts, with the popularity of health examinations, has increasingly come into sight. As we all know, the kidney is very important to our body. Once we suffer from this disease, it will affect our daily lives, and even seriously affect our lives. Therefore, renal cysts have also become a problem of great concern to us. What are the risks of kidney cysts?

What are the hazards of having kidney cysts?

1. The appearance of renal cysts is prone to cause symptoms of renal pain. The urography shows that it is similar to cysts and tumors, but due to the influence of inflammation around the kidneys, the kidney contour and shadows of the psoas are blurred, leading to kidney pain.

2,  Kidney cysts are prone to hydronephrosis, and hydronephrosis is manifested by expansion of the renal pelvis and renal pelvis due to obstruction. Acute or subacute hydronephrosis often results in more limited pain due to increased intrarenal pressure, and it can be complicated by infection. Although renal cysts are hardened, they can also cause water to accumulate, so when the body is swollen, it is important to check the kidneys for lesions.

3, renal cysts are often associated with renal impairment and hypertension. As kidney function is affected, the larger the area of ​​renal cysts, the more severe is the impaired renal function. In the event of impaired kidney function, hypertension is also accompanied. The more severe the kidneys are, the more severe the hypertension is.

4. Kidney cysts can easily cause kidney cancer. The tumor of renal parenchyma is pressed on the psoas muscle. The edge of the muscle is not visible on the abdominal plain film, and the cyst is still visible. When there is weight loss, fatigue, swelling of the clavicle, cervical metastases, polycythemia, hypercalcemia, and elevated blood sedimentation are all indications of cancer. It should be remembered that the cyst wall can also undergo cancerous changes. Kidney cysts, although not producing obvious symptoms, are prone to kidney cancer and are often found late.

The above is the information on the harms of kidney cyst disease. If you still have unclear areas or there is anything you want to know, you can give us a message and we will answer your questions for free.

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