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How high creatinine patients to have a scientific diet ?

  High serum creatinine serious affect people’s health and body ,most of the kidney disease patients will ask how to drop the creatinine ,and what should pay attention to in daily life ?

  For patients scientific diet is good for the illness ,because it can delays the illness deterioration and can contribute to the treatment of high serum creatinine .So patients must pay attention to the diet in daily life .How high creatinine to have a scientific diet ?

  1.The supplement of protein :Because patients in late stage will appear azotemia and renal insufficiency ,in order to control the renal function continue deteriorate ,patients should control the intake of protein and choose high quality protein foods .

  2.Limit the intake of salt :In general ,patient’s creatinine in renal insufficiency compensatory and azotemia stage is high ,and began to appear all sorts of mild clinical symptoms ,but due to the pathology moderate injury can see if there is high blood pressure and edema ,control the intake of salt and give low salt diet or salt free diet respectively .

  3.High creatinine patients should pay attention to limit smoke and wine .The damage of smoke and wine is mainly to kidney and blood vessels ,drinking more or smoking more will damage the kidney blood vessel ,which is aggravate arteriosclerosis and promote the glomerular harden ,so whatever the patients with normal renal function or abnormal creatinine should strictly limit the wine and smoke ,avoid causing big damage to the kidney .

  So patients with high creatinine in addition to have a scientific diet ,should also accept the treatment ,only in this way can drop the creatinine fundamentally .

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