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How the brain nourishing TCM in summer

Summer, summer is a good season for health, so how to keep the summer health? Summer is a good season for nourishing the brain. How often do you sweat in the summer? And what's the principle of camera health? If you want to find out the questions, just look at the following article with your knitting. A diet should be light and nutritious to eat some nuts for food, medicine above "philosophers can enter the kidney", like Schisandra, walnut meat, medlar, dodder Rosa, etc. These foods are of the essence, tonifying kidney, Gujing Jiannao effect. Ginseng, American ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps sinensis, pine pollen, royal jelly, both Yangjing Qi, kidney brain power, and disease prevention role of Qufengshi summerheat. Some seafood such as seaweed, kelp and other trace elements, can replenish the body, have lower blood pressure and lipid, can Jieshu, can eat. Two, relax the spirit to achieve the spirit within, no desire, not, as a body, in a calm mood. Conditional can take the summer resort or travel out of the way, so that emotional relaxation, emotional peace, reducing mental consumption, it has played the essence of nourishing kidney, brain function. Three, massage points, often massage the God gate, Neiguan point, the God gate can have the effect of calming the mind and setting the mind, and pressing the Neiguan point can also improve the blood circulation of the heart. The center of the foot, the wrist, the volar side of the ball, the ulnar side, the ulnar flexor carpi radialis, the radial depression. Neiguan acupoints on the medial forearm, the midline between the two ribs and two stripes on the wrist. Method: Press, press and knead, and take acid swelling for 3 or 5 minutes each time. Fourth, recommended brain tonic Egg & vegetable soup material pig, egg protein, Shaoxing wine, ginger and other seasonings. Would the brain put a rinse in cold water, use chopsticks jab, add a little fishy wine in Shaoxing. Beat the egg in a bowl, remove the yolk, and leave the protein in reserve. The pot of soup, a little ginger, pour slowly into the brain, protein, a little seasoning, a bowl of delicious pig Egg & vegetable soup. This summer the brain more than these methods, in fact, summer health care is a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Summer is coming, do not stay up all night without sleep, light based diet meat collocation, can easily spend the summer.

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