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How do babies care?

Infantile hematuria refers to the red blood cells in urine more than normal, is a common pediatric disease. Divided into gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. If the 1000 ml of urine 1 ml of blood, urine naked eye appears to be red blood or meat, it is called naked eye hematuria; do routine urine tests, such as in the microscope under a high power field more than three red blood cells, Or 12 hours urine Ai Di's count red blood cells more than 1 million, while the naked eye is no abnormal observation of urine, known as microscopic hematuria. People tend to overlook microscopic hematuria

Once the parents found that the phenomenon of hematuria children should be immediately sent to the hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment, in addition to the doctor's treatment in accordance with the doctor's request to the child on time to pay medicine, while the care of hematuria in the baby, we must pay attention to the following points:

Be sure to let children more rest, avoid strenuous exercise. Hematuria often accompanied by certain complications, and may occur many symptoms, so need more rest. Such as exercise hematuria is the movement after the emergence of this time should be more rest, and acute nephritis, chronic nephritis and so is the need for bed rest.

To avoid infection. As far as possible to the crowded, noisy public places, to avoid infection, especially the respiratory system and urinary tract infection, or may increase the condition or cause other diseases.

Note the urethra clean. Be sure to wash your hips and pussy every day.

To a reasonable diet, to develop good habits. The best food is light, easy to digest, do not consume too much salt and soda every day, eat more vegetables and fresh fruit.

How do babies care?

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