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What are the hematuria care methods?

Hematuria on the patient's body caused great harm. Doctors suggested that if the patient found some symptoms of hematuria, must be promptly sent to the hospital for examination and treatment, so as not to delay the best time to treatment; hematuria can also lead to the occurrence of various complications, can not be underestimated. So what the specific hazards of hematuria reflected in what aspects, what is the reason for people suffering from hematuria? I think a lot of friends and patients have such questions, the above questions we come together and kidney disease experts to understand some of the hematuria know how:

Hematuria is a serious symptom, the patient is extremely frightened. Should be comfort and explain with the patient, indicating 1000ml urine 1 ~ 3ml blood for the naked eye hematuria. Blood loss is not serious. Usually develop more drinking water habits. Less smoking or not smoking, eat less irritating food. Jifu: fishy, ??aquatic products (shrimp, crab), pepper, garlic, raw onions, parsley, dog meat, horse meat, donkey meat. Active treatment of urinary system inflammation, stones and other diseases. Do the dye, rubber, plastic and other tools in the production of protective and health care work. In the ordinary life and work, can not often make the bladder height filling. Feel urinating, that is, to urinate to reduce the urine in the bladder to stay too long. Pay attention to work and rest, to avoid strenuous exercise.

Above is the experts for everyone on the hematuria on the knowledge, hope that through our introduction can be your understanding of hematuria more comprehensive and objective, so that you can find as soon as possible for their own treatment. Finally, sincerely wish you a quick recovery!

What are the hematuria care methods?

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