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Which fruit does IgA nephropathy eat well?

What kinds of fruit can a patient eat after suffering from IgA nephropathy? Kidney disease experts pointed out that there are many taboos in patients with IgA nephropathy daily diet, some fruit is good for health, some fruit will cause the body's condition is more serious, so when we pay more attention to the daily diet of fruit.

Which fruit does IgA nephropathy eat well?

Which fruit does IgA nephropathy eat well, expert explanation is as follows:

1, about bananas. Banana cold, containing sodium salt more, suffering from chronic nephritis, high blood pressure, edema disease should be careful to eat; due to sugar content of bananas, diabetics should eat less.

2, about citrus. Citrus cold, stomach, intestine, kidney and lung function deficiency of the elderly can not eat, so as not to cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, yaoxisuanruan. Eat more oranges is easy to get angry, cause aphtha, red eyes, swollen poison induced hemorrhoids. Oranges contain excessive amounts of food and lead to yellow pigmentation on the skin.

3, about watermelon. Watermelon water, is in hot summer days good fruit, but the meat is cold, a frail old age to eat more prone to abdominal pain or diarrhea; edema and severe heart failure patients should not eat.

4, about apples. Apple contains a lot of sugar and potassium, excessive intake is not conducive to heart and kidney health; people with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, kidney disease, diabetes, should not eat more.

5, about litchi. Litchi for a large number of consumption, will make people pale, resulting in dizziness, palpitation, sweating, yawning, fatigue and other symptoms, this is because the litchi caused by reactive hypoglycemia exogenous medicine called "litchi disease".

6, about persimmon. Persimmon meat contains a large number of tannins, persimmon gum phenol, tannin strong convergence, so constipation patients should not eat more. In addition, fasting or eating persimmon crab after eating persimmon, persimmon stone is easy to produce. Therefore, gastritis, gastric acid, spleen and stomach deficiency and other patients, and after fasting, fatigue, it is best not to eat or eat less persimmons.

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