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What to Bring

You are suggested to bring a few personal belongs to have during your hospital stay in China. The belongs may include toiletries, toothbrush, comb, sleep wear and other necessary goods you need in daily life or you may also buy some in markets nearby the hospital. A interpreter will company with you when you go outside the hospital.

You had better leave the following at home: large sums of money, credit cards and jewelry. If you choose to bring any of these items, we request that they be secured in the hospital's safe.

Please take the medicines you are taking currently. You may need to continue take them in the first seven days. It will be great, if you can bring a list of your current medications. This will be very helpful for your following treatment plan.

In addition, you are suggested to bring all medical reports in your hand. If you are unable to bring them, you can upload or send the copies to us. We will assist to keep them before your arrival.

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