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How to diet in patients with renal insufficiency

How does the patient with kidney dysfunction eat reasonable?
The diet of patients with renal insufficiency should be refined: in addition to the principle of low protein diet, should eat more starch, in order to ensure adequate heat, according to the status of edema to determine the intake of water and salt.

The diet of patients with renal insufficiency should be five low and one high diet: low salt, low fat, low protein, low phosphorus, low potassium, high vitamin. Ensure adequate intake and absorption of nutrients.

Patients with renal insufficiency should avoid the following foods: egg white, animal offal, millet, edible fungus, seaweed, soy products, tea, oranges, melon seeds, peanuts, bananas; vegetable oil is strictly prohibited. D patients with daily protein 40g is appropriate (1 egg white) two milk, 1 lean meat (two). These foods will aggravate the condition of patients with renal insufficiency, the impact on the lives of patients.

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