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How to nurse lupus nephritis patients ?

Have a good rest   In the acute stage ,lupus nephritis patients with high blood pressure and edema should lie in bed so as to reduce kidney lesions ,tail off metabolic products .In recovery stage ,patients can take some proper activities under the doctor’s guidance .   Metal care   The relatives or family members of the patients should encourage patients to build up the confidence of fighting the disease .   Avoid infection   Notice make the patients keep away from the patients with herpes zoster 、cold and fever ,pay attention to keep the room clean .In addition ,lupus nephritis should pay attention to the changeable weather ,avoid cold ,try best not to go to the public places,often take a bath ,cut nails and take good personal hygiene .   Diet care   Pay attention to maintain lupus nephritis patient’s body nutrition ,relieve the kidney burden ,avoid edema ,reduce the accumulation of metabolites in the blood .
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