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How to prevent Latent Glomerulonephritis?

Now the pressure of life is very large, many people in order to work hard, often neglect their health, Latent Glomerulonephritis is a kind of typical kidney disease, for the patient's health, bring very great harm, so how to prevent Latent Glomerulonephritis?

1, Latent Glomerulonephritis patients should avoid high protein diet, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as far as possible with reasonable, light, delicious principle. Some food taboos, more like pungent foods and salty foods, food must be careful. In addition, foods containing higher potassium should also be controlled for intake.

2, excessive fatigue, mental pressure, and so on, can make Latent Glomerulonephritis exacerbations, so patients should develop good habits. At ordinary times, it is necessary to arrange a reasonable schedule of life and work, to take part in sports, to strengthen physical exercise, and to avoid excessive exertion. Pay attention to the cleanliness of personal hygiene and environmental hygiene, develop good hygiene habits, and maintain a relaxed mood at any time, and strengthen the awareness of self health care.

3, bacterial or viral infection is caused by Latent Glomerulonephritis, especially upper respiratory tract infection, asymptomatic bacteriuria flu, sore throat, bronchitis and so may worsen disease. Therefore, patients should be aware of bacterial or viral infection.

Patients after suffer from Latent Glomerulonephritis, should avoid eating some higher protein containing foods in the diet, with more fresh fruit and vegetables as a principle, to carry out scientific collocation, also need to pay attention to your rest, do not be too tired, develop good habits and rest time and pay attention to their personal hygiene, also can control the disease well.

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