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What is proteinuria and how to do if get it

  What is proteinuria? It is common seen in clinic,and it is not a kind of disease,it is a complication of renal disease. How to do if you find proteinuria in your urine?

  Actually,you need not be panic. Generally speaking,there are two main causes of it,namely pathological and physiologic. If is the later,you need not worry then,if the former,you should notice then.

  Once proteinuria occur,one must distinguish which kind it is. If it belong to pathological,have a physical examination timely to see which renal disease do you get. Then you should cooperate with doctor’s treatment. At the same time,you should pay more attention in your daily life,such as keep on a healthy diet or have a happy mood and so on.

  1. Have more light and easy to be digested food and avoid spicy food,like seafood,beef,mutton,or wine.

  2. Have fresh vegetables and proper fruits. Drink proper water,keep low-sugar and low-fat.

  3. All renal disease patients,no mater which type they get,should keep away from nephrotoxicity drugs,like streptomycin,gentamicin and so on.

  4. People who have edema should limit salt and water. If edema is not serious,can have low-salt food. If have no edema,there is no need to limit water and food that is rich in protein.

  5. If get cold,fever or infection,consult your doctor for advice to avoid its aggravation and other complications.

  6. Build confidence,insist treatment and keep on a happy mood.

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