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Chronic renal failure patients,how to protect your kidney

  People who have get chronic renal failure always still have some remained renal function and it is meaningful for them to protect the remained renal function. The reason is this can not only reduce the frequentness of dialysis but also maintain the balance of water,electrolyte and base-acid in their body and prevent the occurrence of heart renal insufficiency. Now we will introduce the special methods to protect their kidneys for chronic renal failure patients.

  1. Treat the protopathy actively.

  Different renal disease have different causes and the decline degree of remained renal function is different,too. In early stage of diabetic nephropathy,should intensify the treatment of insulin;if get lupus nephritis,if have hormone,their renal function have the possibility to recover. If get purpura,should look for the allergen and prevent another sensitization that may aggravate renal damage.

  2. Prevent and control your high blood pressure strictly.

  High blood pressure is a main factor that may improve development of renal disease,especially for those who are on dialysis,water retention and disorder fat metabolism are easy to occur if they get high blood pressure when when having chronic renal disease. However,these two factor are also dangerous factors that may make blood pressure become higher and renal artery sclerosis. To stop the furthermore damage on glomerulus,people who have get chronic renal disease should control their blood pressure in a reasonable range.

  3. Prevent low blood pressure when be on dialysis.

  Generally speaking,when having dialysis,do not eliminate too much water,or people may get low blood pressure. The reason is if effective blood volume is lacking,kidney will be short of blood furthermore and kidney will be damaged. So,when on dialysis,have some water every once in a while.

  4. Eliminate obstruction factors of kidney.

  Chronic renal disease patients,especially old man,should prevent prostatic hyperplasia,renal stone and ureteral calculus.

  5. Keep away from toxin or drugs that may damage your kidney.

  Many drugs and toxin are poisonous to our kidney. People should do their best to keep away from them;if have to have,take doctors’advice.

  6. Limit food that are rich in protein and purine.

  People who have get renal failure and have not on dialysis should keep on a low-protein diet. But for those who are on dialysis,since small molecular nutrition may wash away through filtration membrane,so there is no need for them to keep on a low-protein diet to prevent malnutrition under doctors’advise.

  Food that have high quantity of purine may increase uric acid and develop into uric acid crystal to block kidney tubules and damage our kidney. This tye of food contains:animal organ,sea food,beer,roe,soybean and so on.

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