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Which factors that can cause blood urine

  Sometimes we may find blood urine by our naked eyes,or on our laboratory sheets. However,most of us don’t have much knowledge about it. Many patients ask us what is blood urine and what is the causers of blood urine. Now we will give you an detailed information abut it and hope it can help you.

  1. Caused by kidney disease,like nephritis,kidney cyst,renal stone and so on. Pyelonephritis,are mainly caused by infection on kidney. The germs is always occur on urinary tract,after this aggravate,it may induce pyelonephritis. Under this circumstance,the blood urine can be seen by naked eyes. Generally speaking,glomerulonephritis always be a complication of other diseases and then the blood urine can only be microscope.

  2. Urinary tract infection. About thirty percentage of patients that have get urinary tract infection can be seen with blood urine that can be found by naked eye. This type of disease contains urethritis,urocystitis,or even prostatitis.

  3. Tumor. This is most common seen on bladder cancer,kidney cancer and prostatic cancer. Under this circumstance,it can be seen by naked eye. However,this type of disease is difficult to be found in their early stage,for they almost have no obvious symptoms and are easily be ignored by patients.

  According to the introduction,you must learn more knowledge about blood urine. We really hope every one can do the preventive work well to keep away from any disease. If blood urine is found in your urine, please have a physical examination in regular hospital as soon as possible.

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