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Diet Plan for High Creatinine Patients

A healthy diet plan can help patients who have high creatinine to reduce the high creatinine. It also can prevent the further damage to the kidneys function. Here is a plan for those patiehts:

1. Low-protein diet

Protein can build our body and muscles, however, when the protein is broken down, many waste products and toxins should be eliminated out of the body via kidneys. When kidneys can not work regularly, patients should control their protein intake in order to reduce the burden of kidneys. In addition, patients should replace incomplete protein with complete protein.

2. Limit meat intake

As we all know, creatinine comes from creatine, and creatine was found in various types or meat, such as, prok, chicken and others. Therefore, patients who have high creatinine should control their meat intake.

3. Low-potassium diet

High creatinine indicates that the patients’ kidneys function have been damaged severely and the kidneys fail to eliminate extra potassium from the body. In this case, patients should control their potassium-containing foods

4. Low-phosphorus diet

High phosphorus level will cause skin itching, muscle cramps, bone disease and other symptoms. Thus, patients should control their phosphorus intake, such as, animal giblets, seafood, grain and so on.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables can help relieves the burden on kidneys and protects the residual kidney function.

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