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The Causes of High Creatinine Level

Both of the levels for creatinine or urea increases when the filtration rate of kidneys declines. The filtration rate is a very important indicator for kidney disease especially renal failure.


Normally the most common for a increased creatinine level is the disorder of filtration mechanism. It can be also affected by long-time blood pressure and even diabetics. That’s why doctors pay much attention to the prevention or treatment of diabetics, the common complications of renal disease for kidney disease patients.


People are pretend to get dehydrated when they get a severe fever. There may be a rise of serum creatinine level as the kidneys try to excrete the breakdown products of protein in our blood.


The cause of acute renal failure can be blood loss, trauma, infections and even biochemical imbalance can be the cause.


As the kidneys are unable to deal with the toxins in blood, then the creatinine level rises. Creatinine clearance test is believed to be a relatively reliable measure of renal function. The formula that expresses serum creatinine is related to the amount of creatinine produced in the urine over a 24-hour interval.


However, a creatinine level does not illustrate more information about the condition of kidneys. It values more to check urine for biochemistry and microbiological content. Sometimes a biopsy or ECT is necessary to have a thorough understanding of kidneys. In the very general conditions, a elevated creatinine level does signify the problems of kidneys.


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