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Edema? It turns out to be caused by protein

These days a little busy would not go to the A2, just entered the ward yesterday, I saw a very handsome man, then beside the nurse told me, he was just admitted, but I was not like this.
After listening to the nurses, when he came to my curiosity......
After reading his case, I believed what the nurse said......
Mr. Huang is in December 25, 2016 in our hospital, when Mr. Huang particularly fat, wearing heavy padded, if you can describe it, like "polar bear". His height 170cm, weight 74kg, the amount of urine per day can reach more than 2500ml, but there are a lot of foam in urine, check 24 hours urine protein quantitative 7.42g.
In fact, Mr. Huang found his legs swollen, and did not have the first time to treat the system, that is, eat some diuretics. But after a period of time, Mr. Huang edema not only did not disappear, but more and more serious. This attracted his attention, to the local hospital after being diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, treatment after a period of time, Mr. Huang did not eliminate edema, protein did not drop, then the weight reached 71kg, he felt himself in here to continue treatment, will only waste more money, was discharged from the hospital.
In order to his own cure, Mr. Huang recipe has tried, but there was no significant effect of what, on the recommendation of a friend, he came to Shijiazhuang.
In fact, Mr. Huang's disease treatment is very simple, that is, reduce protein edema, weight loss. In the treatment of his previous weight did not fall but rise gradually, it is because there is an antidote against the disease. The characteristics of Chinese medicine used in our hospital is mainly on the glomerular basement membrane is not damaged, but the removal of the glomerular basement membrane is a toxin, but also to the basement membrane, repair damaged by repair, will gradually reduce the proteinuria, edema will disappear, will lose weight.
Edema is the excessive accumulation of body fluid in the tissue space outside the blood vessels. Edema is a manifestation of systemic gasification dysfunction, and is closely related to lung, spleen and kidney, the viscera, and also closely related to the serious lack of protein.
When the energy intake is not enough, the body will burn the protein as a source of energy, the blood plasma protein will be reduced. One of the functions of plasma protein is to maintain the plasma colloid osmotic pressure, so that the body does not need waste, liquid, and then return to the circulatory system, and then through the kidneys, with the urine excreted. When the plasma protein in the blood volume decreased, and will make the liquid metabolism does not require human tissue waste can not be returned to the blood, and the accumulation in the body, leading to edema.
We can sometimes see the children in Ethiopia on TV, they are very thin, but the stomach is very large, it is because they are a serious lack of protein, the cells can not be excreted in the water caused by the. Some poor countries, regions, because of inadequate nutrition, edema is very common. But mild edema can also be caused by other causes, such as kidney problems, or too much salt.
Of course, with the improvement of living standards, our country because of the lack of protein caused by the phenomenon of edema is basically no, but some of the disease is still a lot of edema
During the treatment period, our hospital nutritionist calculated daily intake of 97.5g protein according to his weight, the heat is 1950kcal - 2600kcal. Mr. Huang is not only on time treatment, but also on the strict requirements of their diet, so that adequate protein and heat supply.
After one week of treatment time, Mr. Huang's weight dropped to 59.2kg, decreased by almost 15kg, see this kind of treatment, he has full confidence in the treatment, one week after Mr. Huang will do a check, we look at his treatment at that time......

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