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Can kidney disease patients get rid of dialysis?

Western medicine believes that uremia patients if begin hemodialysis, get rid of it is impossible, but the fact is not so. Because each person's disease is not the same, leading to the cause of uremia and incentives are not exactly the same. If we can take effective measures to cure the original disease to remove incentives, get rid of blood dialysis is possible.

Many patients in hemodialysis, is long-term stable condition, blood creatinine, uremic nitrogen is relatively stable, not to the extent of non dialysis, renal function is still a considerable part of the remaining, but often due to a cold, have a fever, diarrhea, enteritis, lung infection, urinary tract infections, high blood pressure control is bad, or trauma a dispute with others or emotional fatigue did not pay attention to rest, leading to disease deterioration and dialysis.
For this situation, such as the ability to take the life of the sea along the meridian to protect the kidney therapy to solve the original disease, so that patients with prolonged dialysis interval, and finally get rid of dialysis is entirely possible.
If you do not seize the opportunity to quickly correct treatment, a large number of kidney necrosis, ultimately unable to reverse, only rely on dialysis. Dialysis brings huge costs and discomfort, kidney disease patients and families unbearable burden.

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