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The special relationship between patients with nephropathy a

Kidney disease patients and bean products "special relationship"! A lot of people know, soy products is a nutritious food, but also as the best food for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other three patients, but not for the high blood pressure patients suffering from kidney disease. More and more, but the legumes food effects on the kidney, therefore, through this article put up for all the friends suffering from kidney disease!
Legumes, such as beans, soybeans, mung bean, black bean, bean sprouts, natto, and tofu, tofu and other Soybean Milk mostly contain protein and high purine (organic compounds in the human body, purine oxidation into uric acid) and other substances, which is caused by gout, kidney burden is a major cause of heavy disease. The protein in beans is plant protein, under normal circumstances, the human body after ingestion of metabolism, most of them will become nitrogen waste, excreted by the kidneys. If the beans are too frequent, it will lead to high levels of plant protein in the body, resulting in nitrogen waste also increased, thereby increasing the burden of kidney metabolism. Therefore, when the impaired renal function, only reluctantly part.
However, the protein is the source of life, plays an important role in human health, lack of protein, not only edema, but also fraught with problems, endanger life. Nephrotic syndrome patients, the daily urine from the loss of a large number of proteins, so the body would inevitably lead to protein deficiency, then if you do not add protein, it will become increasingly scarce. In order to ensure nutrition and the needs of the body, the patient must be in good quality protein intake. So, patients with kidney disease should choose that kind of food?
About the content of high quality protein in milk total protein content of 80% essential amino acids, not only contains a complete and sufficient quantity, protein structure and is very close to the body, more conducive to nutrient absorption and utilization.

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