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Kidney disease is a hidden disease, these 4 Secrets and 3 me

Chronic kidney disease is a complex disease, serious will bring us great harm. Therefore, suffering from kidney disease must be treated in a timely manner. But it is a "hidden" disease that may not have a clear sign. This requires us to judge by the following symptoms
1 excessive blood pressure is a warning sign
High blood pressure is an important indicator of abnormal body, including abnormal kidney. Therefore, if the blood pressure is too high, it is best to go to the hospital to identify the cause.
2 eye edema to be careful
Nephritis usually occurs when the risk of edema, especially in the early morning. However, due to drink too much water before going to sleep or lack of sleep are prone to eyelid edema, so there will be many people ignore this detail.
This requires careful identification, under normal circumstances, edema in the wake of a period of time after the activity will subside, and hidden nephritis caused by edema is not so fast.
3 urine color is not red also need to be cautious
It is not possible to see blood in urine or red urine, which is usually due to urinary tract infection or impaired liver function.
Hematuria is generally microscopic hematuria, therefore, if there is edema or systemic fatigue, but the observation of urine is not red, it is best to check urine routine.
4 acute chronic non Association
Chronic nephritis is not necessarily by the acute transformation, so that they did not have previous venereal disease would not be suffering from chronic diseases is not a scientific idea. The etiology of chronic nephritis is complex and hidden, which may be related to bacterial infection, immune mechanism, nephrotoxic drugs and so on.
So, how do we prevent and cure chronic kidney disease?
High quality protein diet
Whether it is kidney disease or ordinary people, should follow the laws of scientific diet, avoid excessive intake of fat, sugar, protein, etc.. Patients with kidney disease need to eat high quality protein.
Regular urine routine
Urine routine can clearly reflect the majority of kidney disease, so it is best to regularly check. Patients who have been diagnosed with kidney disease are more likely to increase their frequency.
Inflammation to cure thoroughly
A little inflammation may lead to kidney disease, so to actively improve the degree of attention to the prevention of colds, chronic pharyngitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis and upper respiratory tract inflammation. If the inflammation must be cured, avoid long drag.

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