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How to deal with high uric acid?

Men and women are not the same as the normal standard for blood uric acid: men are not more than 428 mol/L, and women are not more than 357 mol/L.
Creatinine, urea nitrogen, urinary protein and other indicators, both men and women are generally a standard value, and why to uric acid here, men and women are separated?
Because women estrogen can promote the excretion of uric acid, and inhibiting arthritis, so women suffering from gout is almost after menopause, which is related with changes of ovarian function and hormone secretion changes. Because women have this congenital advantage, so the incidence of gout in men than women. And in fact, the proportion of men and women suffering from gout is 20:1, that is, 20 times the number of men with gout!
This is not just physical reasons, but also because men than women drinking dinner opportunities, intake of beer, animal offal, seafood and other foods high in purine and more opportunities. So the majority of men and women, in the future should pay attention to drink less, eat high purine foods.
But Xiao Bian observed that the number of women on the meat in a contemptuous disregard for dinner, pick vegetables......
How to treat high uric acid
Can choose the drug to inhibit the formation of uric acid such as allopurinol;
To promote such as probenecid, benzene bromine Malone, losartan drugs such as uric acid excretion;
At the onset of the disease, the first is to quickly solve the pain caused by inflammation, the use of drugs including non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, colchicine and glucocorticoid, but caution uricosuric drugs.
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of high uric acid
The usual treatment can be used on the eight are scattered and Shiwei San kiyotoshi hot and humid, with Jisheng Shenqi SHENLINGBAISHU Decoction and tonifying the spleen and kidney, gas and water;
The diet with eggs instead of meat, eating a variety of grains and manufactured goods, especially to a low-fat diet, cheese, butter and other dairy products limited.
In the event of an attack to the blood stasis, Tongluo pain. You can use red Siwu soup and three wonderful pill.
After kidney disease, due to reduced renal filtration capacity, will increase the blood uric acid, causing hyperuricemia. This is a vicious cycle, kidney disease can lead to hyperuricemia, while hyperuricemia can also aggravate kidney damage. Therefore, the recovery of renal function, is the fundamental treatment of high uric acid.

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