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Eat fish? Drink soup? Which nutritional value is higher?

The nutritional value of fish soup is rich, and it has very high therapeutic effect. But Xiaobian to give you together to discuss the problems of "fish" and "fish" which has high nutritional value, follow me into today's theme!
What kind of soup boiled nutritious?
In our life, think the soup boil longer higher nutritional value, and that the white soup is nutritious. In fact, this is not the case, because the longer the time, the higher the temperature, it will destroy the nutritional elements of fish. While showing a white boiled fish soup is fat, that is to say, the soup color is white fat content is high.
Some people have done such an experiment, take the same size of two carp, with the same practice boil system, but the time is different, respectively, 10 minutes and 20 minutes. After testing, stew 10 minutes of the fat content of crucian carp soup is about 0.5%, stew for 20 minutes when the fat content of 1.6%, fat content increased by a factor of 1.73. It can be seen, the more the higher fat content of white fish soup.
Don't eat meat soup
There are a lot of people think its nutritional value in the soup, so only "don't eat soup material". In fact, bias and the nutritional value of fish soup without the slightest relationship, because the nutrients in the food itself and not because of cooking completely dissolved in the soup. In the above we said "soup" is actually the role of fat, according to statistics, only 2% of the protein in each bowl of soup, and the fat content of up to 40%, do not eat soup as can be imagined how much waste material.
Fatty fish harm to the human body?
If the day is eating the high-fat soups, for pregnant women may cause weight gain or cardiovascular burden, but also have a certain impact on breast milk for babies of digestive tract. Also try to drink less or drink the fat containing soup for the four high population, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high uric acid, and gout patients must try to drink this soup.
Finally, we recommend a fish
Crucian carp. Its fat content is less, eat both fresh and not greasy, and sweet feeling. Particularly suitable for chronic nephritis edema, ascites, cirrhosis, malnutrition, edema, postpartum milk lack of pregnant women, spleen and stomach weakness and food is not sweet, not to eat during cold and fever.

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