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Why blood sugar level is still rising while keeping a diet w

In high blood sugar or diabetes patients they have a question, why I do not eat sugar, blood sugar does not fall but continue to rise?
In fact, the reason is simple......
It is like dressing thin, strip like meat.
There's so much sugar in the food that we can't see". Not so sweet and low sugar content.
Sugar is the biggest public health crisis in history. It's like tobacco. Today, many people consciously reduce the intake of sweets, desserts and sweet drinks. However, in life there are many invisible sugar, eat not sweet, but more worthy of vigilance. Which of the following 8 kinds of food have you eaten?
Such as potato chips, shrimp and other puffed food. These foods are "added sugar" the biggest hidden. Not only contains a lot of sugar, but also does not contain dietary fiber, which will inevitably lead to increased blood sugar.
Instant Coffee, sesame paste, milk drinks, yogurt etc.
There are a variety of milk drinks on the market, all of the banner of health and good drink; I believe that many small partners as a substitute for milk, yogurt. It is understood that the lactic acid bacteria in the nutritional components of beverages, carbohydrates = sugar content. According to the index, more than half of the sugar content of the products are more than 9g/100ml.
There are businesses with "0 fat" to seize the market, zero fat and sugar free, especially yogurt. It is often laden with sugar, remove fat to keep the flavor and texture. 150 grams of zero fat yogurt can contain up to 20 grams of sugar, equivalent to five tsp.
The bread will add sugar to fermentation in the production, generally every 100 grams of bread contains 10-20 grams of sugar. It should be noted that, even in salty bread, sugar content is the same.
Braised pork in brown sauce, Kung Pao Chicken hardcore dishes etc.
Sugar is an essential ingredient in Chinese diet. For example, spareribs with brown sauce, braised fish in soy sauce, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork contains about 25-30 grams of sugar, a Braised pork in brown sauce containing about 40-50 grams.
The sauce usually contains a lot of calories, salt and sugar, and even taste sweet sauce can also add a lot of sugar. Including tomato sauce, chili sauce, salad sauce, satay sauce, etc..
Processed meat products
Do you think that eating meat will stay away from sugar? In fact, luncheon meat and other meat products also added a lot of sugar.
Dried food
In the production of dried beef, dried fruit, dried fruit and other dry cargo, sugar can make the food become loose, save and easy for later consumption. Therefore, it is not suitable for children, the elderly and patients with high blood sugar to eat.
Processed cereal
Although pure oatmeal does not contain sugar, but the market is currently a lot of processing cereals. The processing of cereal usually add sugar or syrup, some products will add sugar, cream, essence, etc..

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