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Frequent use of mobile phones will hurt the kidney?

Hongkong recently a newly established Taiwan area "the era of science and technology" magazine conducted a questionnaire survey: mobile phone hanging on the waist, will cause the harm of electromagnetic waves according to kidney. This survey, nearly 70% of respondents believe that mobile phone hanging on the waist, even without the use of or off machine, will damage the kidneys caused by electromagnetic waves.

Responsible for the investigation of a University Research Institute, said that in fact does not boot on the mobile phone does not produce electromagnetic waves. In addition, the Taiwan area of the Chinese telecom mobile communications director also pointed out that the mobile phone in standby state, every 40 minutes will have an instant signal back to regular registration operation, in a very short, low waves under the condition of not affecting the health; besides waist fat thick, with isolation.

It is understood that the consumer so there will be a misperception, is mainly caused by brain tumor and panic in June last year because of mobile phone news reports that the electromagnetic wave is possible, "said doctors warned mobile phone hanging on the waist, even if you do not use or shutdown, can also cause kidney damage of electromagnetic wave" error information.

According to a survey in the era of science and technology, 1086 respondents, only 2% actually know that mobile phone does not boot will not produce electromagnetic waves; 15.2% don't believe these reports; however, there are nearly 70% (66.8%) respondents believe these reports. However, even so, there are still 90% of the respondents will continue to use the mobile phone.




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