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Four major taboos in the life of IGA nephropathy

A taboo, experience transform the role of diet in order to protect the kidney of patients with IgA nephropathy, we advise to make some sacrifices, such as not to eat fast food, you can try 1 ~ 2 months a new diet, to observe the condition is improved.
Taboo two, protect the liver: the immune complex in the human body is cleared by the liver to the outside, this is a very valuable ability of the liver. The function of the liver play, should be protected as much as possible, such as less or no caffeine, which do not use soda, cocoa, chocolate and tea things or less, because in many drinks in the above can be found that caffeine. In addition, drinking should be moderate, excessive drinking is not conducive to the liver, and can make the disease worse.
Contraindications three, IgA nephropathy patients drink plenty of pure water: if you can not fully guarantee the purity of drinking water, you can drink pure water. Do not drink soda containing beverages, such as cola, because it contains a large amount of phosphoric acid, which is more important when kidney function has been damaged to some extent.
Contraindications four, IgA nephropathy patients do not smoke: nicotine contraction of blood vessels, elevated blood pressure, and affect the blood circulation of the human peripheral. People with kidney disease must stay away from any practice of inducing high blood pressure and damaging circulation, including smoking, of course.


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