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Diagnosis of hydronephrosis

After the occurrence of hydronephrosis, we must pay attention to do not blindly to the treatment, to suffer from the disease in time to check, diagnosed early to do a good job, and only then can be a little early away from hydronephrosis, get rid of Torture and distress, then the following please Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine experts to tell you about the diagnosis of renal water disease diagnosis method.

X-ray: urinary tract plain film can show increased kidney shadow and stones. B super: This method is simple and convenient, no damage, the amount of water, renal cortical thickness of the detection are more accurate. And can be initially with renal cysts, kidney cancer phase identification. Color Doppler ultrasound: by measuring the renal arteriovenous blood flow spectrum values ??to reflect the ipsilateral kidney hemodynamic changes. IVU intravenous urological imaging: to understand the side or bilateral hydronephrosis, obstruction of the site, the degree of obstruction (partial or complete) and so on. When the water seriously affected the affected side of the kidney function may be poor development. Retrograde pyelography: the ureteral catheter inserted into the obstruction, rapid injection of contrast agent, can show the site of obstruction. Such as severe water can be retrograde angiography to retain the ureteral catheter drainage urine, to relieve ipsilateral renal function, pending further treatment.

CT: can clearly show the kidney size, contour, renal parenchyma, hydronephrosis and urinary tract outside the lesion. CT enhanced angiography, can understand the kidney function, kidney disease identification. MRI: for renal dysfunction, contrast agent allergy, obstruction lesions to avoid interventional infection and patients can not tolerate IVU, can be performed MRI urography, the use of urine in the T2 weighted strong signal can be on the urinary tract line Coronary, sagittal and transection scans, the diagnosis of obstruction and the nature of the very important value. Pelletial perfusion test: for the diagnosis of urinary tract obstruction is difficult to determine the case, in recent years that valuable inspection methods. I believe that we read through the contents of this article, has been for the diagnosis of renal hydration diagnostic methods have learned that the hope that these diagnostic methods can help to our patients with hydronephrosis can be diagnosed in time, early Do a good job coping, to avoid missing some of the best treatment time.


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