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Does the creatinine take medicine?

As the kidneys in a variety of causes after the violation, first damaged kidney cells in the phenotype transformation, the formation of pathological changes, to stimulate the kidney fibroblasts into myofibroblasts, but also violated and stimulate the inherent normal renal tissue, The same lesions, resulting in the formation of the kidney from the point to the surface, from the local to the whole, to expand the excitement of the spread of the process, which entered the physical injury period (ie, renal injury), this time due to kidney damage, Its discharge of waste function has been reduced, resulting in creatinine and other toxins gathered in the body, resulting in elevated serum creatinine, but also accompanied by elevated blood urea nitrogen, renal filtration rate will also be a corresponding decline, while patients also There will be high blood pressure, high degree of swelling and other physical symptoms.

Serum creatinine high that the renal filtration function appears to diminish, and thus the accumulation of toxins in the blood can not be discharged. According to the different levels of serum creatinine can be pided into four stages: the renal insufficiency decompensated, renal insufficiency decompensated, renal insufficiency renal failure, renal insufficiency uremic period. Although the renal insufficiency of the compensatory period although the high serum creatinine, but still belong to the inflammatory response period, the inherent cells did not occur phenotypic transformation; and decompensated gradually into the renal failure period, is the fibrosis stage (ie inflammation matrix Synthetic period). At this time, the phenotype transformation of the native cells further promoted the interstitial fibroblast phenotype transformation. At this point, the synthesis of extracellular matrix increased, decreased degradation of extracellular matrix, if not timely control, will progress to irreversible scar period.

Some patients with high creatinine after a lot of taking a lot of drugs, after taking high levels of creatinine improved, the hearts of patients happy. Some patients have to ask, why a withdrawal of creatinine on the rebound. If the creatinine decline that disease is good, then why high blood pressure, anemia and other symptoms did not improve it?

Direct increase in creatinine drugs are many, such as creatinine tablets, urine clear and so on. They are through the intestinal detoxification or the use of drug adsorption and repair of the dual role of rapid detoxification, but this method is ultimately artificial detoxification, can not achieve any effect of repairing the kidneys, long-term so that only the gradual loss of renal function, The disease deteriorates creatinine and develops into uremia.

The kidney has a large number of inherent cells damaged, and difficult to be degraded extracellular matrix increased, which have caused the retention of creatinine in the blood, the emergence of creatinine rise. And with the progress of the late condition, creatinine increased gradually accelerated, although we are now using the Chinese medicine holographic gene intervention therapy, but within 20 days of effective time is still catch up with its progress rate, can only inhibit the progress of the disease, creatinosis The Of course, this is only for a stage, with the drug effect of the gradual play, the kidney damage to the inherent cells are gradually restored to function, after the system of nursed back to health and medication, the blood will naturally slowly decline until Finally smooth and normal.


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