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Treatment of hydronephrosis with Chinese and western medicin

General information: 27 cases, 16 males and 11 females; the youngest 21 years old, the largest 55 years old, the average age of 38 years; the shortest duration of January, the longest 5 months, an average of 3 months; In addition to lumbar pain, fatigue, palliative in 8 cases, 11 cases of increased vaginal discharge, renal cramps in 5 cases, 3 cases of history of hematuria, 27 cases were confirmed by B-ultrasound, and varying degrees of renal pelvis 9 cases of renal pelvic vein angiography, renal CT8 cases, suggesting that the renal pelvis, ureteral upper section of water, except for tumor occupancy, in line with the diagnosis of the disease, including ureteral bladder stones caused by 5 cases, 10 cases of lower ureteral calculi caused, Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in 6 cases, 6 cases of unknown cause.

Treatment: traditional Chinese medicine treatment: Cang, Atractylodes 30g, Coix Seed 30g, Plantago 30g (another package), yam 20g, Alisma 20g, Kun grass 30g, amber 6g, milk 10g, Poria 20g, licorice 6g The Stones caused by the accumulation of water plus gold grass 30g, stone Wei 15g, chicken gold 10g; pelvic inflammatory disease plus honeysuckle 20g, dandelion 20g, red peach 20g. Daily 1, morning and evening before meals, 20 days for a course of treatment.

Western medicine treatment: control of infection: the use of antibiotics, available penicillin or cephalosporins, available 10 to 14 days; Lee water: available furosemide (furosemide) 20 ~ 40mg, 3 times a day. Pay attention to the detection of blood biochemical indicators, to prevent the loss of sodium and sodium caused by serious electrolyte imbalance. For low back pain analgesic drugs to gradually increase the amount of appropriate selection of varieties. For hypertension, hypertensive encephalopathy and heart failure and other complications of prevention and treatment should be timely control, with traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Efficacy and outcome: cure: symptoms disappeared, B ultrasound or renal pelvic angiography, CT review of hydronephrosis disappeared; improved: symptoms of remission, by B ultrasound, angiography significantly reduced hydronephrosis; invalid: no change before and after treatment. 27 cases, 13 cases were cured, improved in 11 cases, 3 cases, the total effective rate was 88.8%. Medication a course of efficacy in 11 cases, 2 to 3 courses of treatment in 6 cases. Medication up to 4 courses, the shortest one course of treatment, medication did not find any side effects and other adverse reactions.

Hydronephrosis is a traditional Chinese medicine "low back pain" category, the etiology and pathogenesis of wet mud stasis. Meridian, the milk did not Tongluo pain; yam, Poria, licorice, and so on. Spleen dampness. All drugs combined with the purpose of wet stasis. Taking Western symptomatic treatment, slow down the disease, the rehabilitation of the disease have a certain positive significance.

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