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How to treat IgA nephropathy hematuria

IgA nephropathy is a more common disease, we should do more understanding of IgA nephropathy, which can effectively help us to early prevention of IgA nephropathy. Nephrotic hospital experts said that most patients with IgA nephropathy will appear hematuria this kidney disease symptoms. So, how to treat IgA nephropathy hematuria?

How to treat IgA nephropathy hematuria This problem, the kidney hospital experts pointed out that the current medical terms, there is no specific Western medicine, IgA nephropathy can be used only for the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and has achieved good results. The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of this disease is to improve the body of IgA nephropathy, control of predisposing factors, reduce the recurrence of gross hematuria, blocking the persistent development of the course of the disease, which can not only reduce and eliminate hematuria, more importantly, control IgA nephropathy, Conducive to the protection of renal function, improve the prognosis of patients. So as to eliminate the susceptibility and predisposing factors, such as upper respiratory tract, skin, intestine, urinary tract infection, radical sore boils, fungal infection, repeated tonsillitis induced hematuria, feasible tonsillectomy, children should be timely Ring cut. Once the inflammation occurs, active treatment.

So how is the treatment of IgA nephropathy? Through the introduction of kidney disease hospital experts, we learned that Chinese medicine patients with IgA nephropathy hematuria treatment should keep the pathogenesis, differentiation and governance. Always to Qi and blood, heat cold to stop bleeding, Huayu Tongluo method. What is more important, when the dialectical and disease differentiation on the joint. Face the bed to "naked eye hematuria" as the main manifestation, mostly in the early IgA nephropathy, often in the exogenous fever after the show, see urine color red, pharyngeal red, pharyngeal dry pain urinate. Upset thirst, small that is hot chronic nephritis disease. Micro-pain, red tongue, yellow moss, chronic nephritis disease. Pulse weight or number.

Micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy is the conservative use of traditional Chinese medicine in the implementation of the extraction, which after Huoxuetongluo, Quyu sweeping, repair new three processes to play the role of improved IgA nephropathy patients face bed symptoms. The other is different from other conservative traditional Chinese medicine is that it can also go through the kidney area directly to the kidney tissue, to achieve the purpose of repair damaged function, the low blood pressure and urine protein has the same effect, medication about a month or so, the general The effect is more clear, pharyngeal red, throat dry pain, upset thirst and other symptoms disappeared, look gradually ruddy, small that gradually return to normal.

How to treat IgA nephropathy hematuria

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