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Back pain should be kidney disease?

Many people in daily life are prone to back pain problems. As the waist pain and kidney anatomical location is relatively close, many people may consider is not a kidney fault. So, back pain in the end is not kidney disease it?

Back pain is a very common problem: gynecological diseases, kidney disease and so will cause back pain; exercise excessive or lack of exercise can lead to back pain; long to maintain bad body posture may also lead to back pain. There are many factors that cause back pain, so back pain is not necessarily the problem of kidney disease. But the general nephropathy may be associated with the performance of back pain, such as iga kidney disease, patients often accompanied by back pain, whole body fatigue symptoms.

System summarized, you can back pain is pided into the following categories:

First, the body overworked. This is the most direct cause of back pain. Such as sitting on the computer often, or long to keep an incorrect posture or standing, are likely to cause back pain, but these symptoms can be quickly recovered through the rest.

Second, some diseases are caused. Such as women during menstrual period often have the feeling of back pain. If men have kidney disease or other related diseases, will also feel back pain situation.

Third, the body of a part of the injury did not heal. For example, in the process of playing basketball, the waist sprain, if not timely recovery, it is likely to have this feeling of back pain.

Some other elderly people due to osteoporosis, or lumbar disc herniation and other issues can also cause back pain. So in daily life, we need to maintain a good living habits, diet to the law, and to make their own place to sleep to keep dry is appropriate. There are a lot of back pain symptoms, in fact, because of the cold by the cold, young people do not pay attention, older will react.

Of course, no matter what the situation of back pain, when the symptoms appear in time to go to the hospital for examination, after the diagnosis to take effective treatment. If the cause of back pain is caused by kidney disease, the more need to take timely measures. At this time, back pain has become an early signal of nephropathy, kidney disease need to cause enough attention. Early prevention and treatment of nephropathy for kidney disease patients is a very critical part, not to be missed.

Back pain should be kidney disease?

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