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IgA nephropathy associated with hematuria how to treat?

IgA nephropathy in a variety of incentives under the occurrence of hematuria and microscopic hematuria, upper respiratory tract infection is the most common incentives, for example, some patients with acute tonsillitis attack, there will be "soy sauce" or "meat wash" hematuria. At this time the most important thing is to find highly professional hospitals and doctors for active treatment and control of upper respiratory tract infection, and pay attention to drinking water, rest.

For those who have been diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, non-nociceptomy, we advocate appropriate exercise, enhance physical fitness, healthy living, and actively and seriously avoid potential sources of infection. We certainly want to know how the clinical manifestations of hematuria IgA nephropathy. According to the current study results show that 10% to 20% of patients will get complete remission, that is, after the diagnosis and treatment of discharge, repeated examination of urine tests are not microscopic hematuria; 10% to 40% of patients will appear kidney disease progress, Including significant proteinuria, hypertension or renal function decreased significantly, and about 2% of patients will develop into the kidney failure, which is commonly known as "uremia."

In view of this, the clinical manifestations of hematuria IgA nephropathy is a relatively benign disease process, but there are also the risk of deterioration, neither completely disregard, nor too radical enough radical. In particular, there are some patients, many times the urine routine examination are urinary occult blood + ~ 2 +, no other discomfort, then these patients do not need to deal with excessive treatment, do not blindly in order to eliminate the "hematuria" and random surgery, regular review Follow-up is the key. In fact, as a patient, the most responsible for their own practice is to avoid excessive tension and worry, to maintain a moderate self attention, under the guidance of a doctor regularly review urine and renal function, regular medication.

IgA nephropathy associated with hematuria how to treat?

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