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Cause and identification of hematuria caused by glomerulonep

Causes of glomerulonephritis hematuria

1. urinary system diseases: such as various nephritis, (acute glomerulonephritis, viral nephritis, genetic nephritis, purpura nephritis), stones (kidney, bladder, urethra), heart and kidney tuberculosis, all kinds of congenital malformations, trauma , Cancer and so on.

2. systemic illness: such as hemorrhagic disease, leukemia heart failure, sepsis, vitamin c and K deficiency, hypercalciuria, neonatal disease and so on.

3. Physical and chemical factors such as food allergy, radiation, drugs, poison, after exercise and so on. In order to clarify the cause, to determine the place of hematuria is very important, urine cup test can understand the source of hematuria, the method is very simple.

How to identify Glomerular nephritis hematuria 

Take three cups, in a urine, the first cup to take the first section of urine, the second cup to take the middle of the urine, the third cup to take the posterior urine Such as the first cup for the hematuria that blood from the urethra; the third cup of hematuria for the final hematuria, lesions in the bladder or posterior urethra; the first cup, the second cup, the third cup were hemoglobin that hematuria, suggesting that lesions in the kidney Or above the bladder in the urinary tract. To clear what kind of disease caused by hematuria, or according to symptoms and body signs, for a variety of experiences, X-ray and CT examination, and even renal biopsy can be diagnosed. Normal urine contains very little red blood cells. Without centrifugation of the urine under the microscope in each high power field can be red blood cells 0 to 2, if more than this number, that is hematuria.

The above is the relevant knowledge about glomerulonephritis, if you have a kidney knowledge requires a detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will be based on the actual condition gives the patient the most professional guidance.

Cause and identification of hematuria caused by glomerulonephritis

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