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Does urinary occult blood means nephritis?

Our doctor in the treatment of kidney disease, will always encounter some patients repeatedly asked the same question, urinary occult blood have plus means nephritis? Some people with problem that have been long-term urinary occult blood "+", worried had a serious kidney disease, the future will develop into uremia. The whole worry, four seek medical treatment, even travel long distances for treatment. The results continue to check, nothing happened.
What about urinary occult blood?
Urinary occult blood is a routine in urine. Is the most common hospital examination items, the doctor opened a urine routine examination application, the patient took some urine to the laboratory, the results soon came out. Urine occult blood test principle is a chemical reaction method, medicine called dry chemical method. Urine occult blood is used in the "hemoglobin peroxidase method", the sensitivity is 150-300 micrograms / liter. The main component of red blood cells is hemoglobin, if the urine of hemoglobin, in the experiment will be a chemical reaction, urinary occult blood on the positive, or a few "+", indicating that urine may have red blood cells. But can not say that there must be red blood cells, or hematuria, or nephritis hematuria.
First, urinary occult blood is detected in urine hemoglobin. Although hemoglobin is the main component of red blood cells, but not the same as red blood cells. For example, some causes the blood of red blood cells in the destruction of the release of a large number of hemoglobin, hemoglobin will pass through the kidneys, discharged from the urine, check the urine will find multiple urine occult blood (+), but we can not say that there must be red blood cells, or hematuria, or nephritis, hematuria.
Second, urine occult blood detection in hemoglobin, and urine myoglobin, the thermal stability of many enzymes, oxidant, bacteria and so on, will react to chemical reagents, urinary occult blood, but also a few (+), It is clear that this time the urinary occult blood is definitely not urine blood, red blood cells, medicine called false positive.
From the above can be seen, there are two cases of positive urinary occult blood: (1) urine is really red blood cells, there is red blood cells; (2) hemoglobinuria or urinary certain substances in the chemical reaction of false positives. While the proportion of urinary ping false positive is high. This is why there are so many people who have some urine occult blood (+). So urine routine examination is usually only used for kidney disease screening, the patients with kidney disease as far as possible out of the investigation, and then in the further examination, the purpose is to reduce the disease did not find, missed diagnosis.
In other words, urinary occult blood is just that urine may be red blood cells, how to determine whether there must be red blood cells? Urine routine there is a red urine cells. This shows that urinary occult blood and urine red blood cells is not a concept, but two different things. Urine occult blood several (+) and hematuria severity also does not matter.
Is there a red blood cell in the urine, must be nephritis?
Nor is it. Is not the main look at the number and shape of red blood cells. Medicine is usually in the microscope every high power field more than five red blood cells (5 / HPF), the shape of the red blood cells were diagnosed with nephritis hematuria.
The above is the relevant introduction about urine occult blood, if you have a kidney problems need detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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