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Factors of hematuria appear

When hematuria appear can cause suffer to patients, we usually need to pay attention to the occurrence of the disease, and in daily life, we need to pay attention to the symptoms, avoid urine color change, and also pay attention to timely understanding of the cause of the disease, to avoid systemic symptoms, then, what are the factors of hematuria?

1. urinary system diseases: acute glomerulonephritis, viral nephritis, hereditary nephritis, purpura nephritis, stones, kidney tuberculosis, congenital malformations, trauma, tumors and so on.

2. systemic diseases: such as hemorrhagic diseases, leukemia, heart failure, sepsis, vitamin C and vitamin K deficiency, high calcium urine, neonatal bleeding and so on.

3. physical and chemical factors: such as food allergy, radiation, drugs, toxins, sports and so on.

Hematuria is one of the major symptoms of all of these diseases. When urination began for hematuria, and then segment the urine normal, the general number of urethral diseases; if the beginning of normal urination, hematuria occurs near the end, mostly for cystitis and prostate disease; if the urine, hematuria, dark red, and more generally for kidney disease caused by.

After the discovery red urine, the patient does not want to panic, first must distinguish is the true hematuria or the false hematuria. Some drugs, such as aminopyrine, phenytoin, rifampin, phenol can induce red urine, and to distinguish between true hematuria.

In order to clarify the cause of the disease, it is very important to determine the location of hematuria. Urine three cups test, can understand the source of hematuria, the method is very simple: take 3 cups. In one pass, take the first cup of urine from the anterior part, take the middle part of the urine for second cups, and take the third cup to remove the urine. As the first cup for hematuria, said the blood from the urethra; third cup hematuria terminal hematuria, lesions in the bladder or urethra; the first cup, second cup, third cup showed that the whole blood urine, suggesting that disease in urinary tract kidney or bladder in the above.

The above is about the introduction of hematuria factors, if you have knowledge about kidney need detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will give you timely reply.

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