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Why the late pregnancy easily lead to urinary tract infectio

This is because the female urethra is wide and straight, only 4 cm long, open and close to the mouth of the vagina and anus, these places often have the secretion and excretion, easily contaminated bacteria easily along the urethra, ascending urinary tract caused by urinary tract infection. So, why the late pregnancy easily lead to urinary tract infection?
Nephrology experts say, especially women, after pregnancy, ureter will increase thickening, and because of the influence of pregnancy hormones, the smooth muscle of the tube wall relaxation, peristalsis decreased. To the late trimester, the enlarged uterus presses the bladder and ureter, which can cause urinary fluid flow and urinary retention. Retention of urine is not only irritating to the mucous membranes of the urinary tract, but it is also prone to bacterial decay. After pregnancy, the amount of glucose, amino acids and other nutrients in urine increases, which is a favorable condition for bacterial reproduction.
For these reasons, women in late pregnancy are prone to urinary tract infections. In pregnancy, if these factors can be taken a number of measures, you can reduce and prevent urinary infections in late pregnancy. Should pay special attention to keep the vulva clean, sleep should take side position, in order to alleviate the oppression of ureter, make the urine flow unobstructed. In addition, pregnant mothers should strengthen nutrition, and enhance physical fitness is also very important.
Therefore, through the introduction of the above, pregnant mothers in the event of urinary tract infection should be prescribed, positive to the regular kidney hospital to receive professional treatment of kidney disease. If the treatment of nephropathy is not timely, often can make  nephrosis aggravating. If you have further knowledge about kidney disease, you can consult our online expert.

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