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How should renal hypertension be treated with renal atrophy?

Renal atrophy is the symptoms of nephropathy development to the later stages, accompanied by a variety of clinical manifestations, a high blood pressure is one of the long time, kidney disease, cause kidney units especially glomerular damage, so that the whole kidney volume. So, for renal atrophy caused by hypertension, creatinine elevation, is there a good treatment option?

The increase of creatinine is due to renal ischemia and hypoxia caused by various reasons, impaired renal cells, extracellular matrix deposition, kidney fibrosis, decrease drainage detoxification capacity of damaged renal cells, serum creatinine increased, experts suggest that patients should be positive for renal cell damage repair, blocking the progress of renal fibrosis and in our hospital with detoxification therapy, it makes full use of the therapeutic effect of TCM, active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine will be treated in a micro way to skin permeation targeting directly on the renal lesion, by promoting blood circulation, removing silt removal, repair the new three process improved renal blood circulation fundamentally, the repair of renal tissue damage, thus creatinine naturally reduce to clinical improvement.

To treat chronic renal atrophy by blocking renal fibrosis, is based on the original prescription of traditional Chinese medicine for treating chronic renal atrophy on the curative effect observation of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine active substance by micro processing after discovery. A phenomenon was found in the clinical efficacy of "detoxification therapy" in Chinese medicine: the micro processing of renal atrophy in patients with various symptoms of poisoning with quick recovery, lasting effect and no recurrence after the rehabilitation.

I believe you read this article, have a certain understanding for renal atrophy, if you have a kidney problems require detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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