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What are the causes of low creatinine?

Creatinine is an important examination items in blood, its value represents the kidney function sound, creatinine is by muscle synthesis in vivo or uptake from animal foods,  high creatinine mean renal function is poor, so what are the causes of low creatinine?

The main source of creatinine is access to human muscles and external things, creatinine molecules is relatively small, in the glomerular filtration rate is extremely high, the functioning of the kidney needs a kidney function can not completely control the creatinine in the normal range, malnourished people will appear in muscle less food the animal food content not less then there will be the phenomenon of low serum creatinine.

There is a part of the human body is normal, but the figure is small, the total body muscle is relatively small, each 20g muscle 1mg muscle creatinine, less amount of food, animal food and less it will appear the phenomenon of low serum creatinine.

Some people do not eat animal food of the society, the life of all rely on plant food to maintain this kind of creatinine in human body main source only muscle, especially women, their muscles, less amount of blood creatinine, naturally low.

The body of creatinine in 2/3 muscles secretion, 1/3 is from food, if a person's digestive function is poor, the things in the absorption is very low, the food source will reduce the total amount of blood creatinine, creatinine will be low.

The human body is mainly through the renal excretion of creatinine, which is excreted in the urine, serum creatinine is low that renal function is normal, or very good, but the low urinary creatinine that is not the same, indicating that low urinary creatinine in blood creatinine did not get a good filtering, there are a lot of blood creatinine this shows that, the kidney function is not good, common in renal failure, muscle atrophy, anemia, leukemia. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the urine creatinine or serum creatinine when looking at the results of the examination.

What are the causes of low creatinine?

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