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When you reach these nine criteria, you have a golden kidney

Do not look at the kidney is powerful, but very fragile. What does a healthy kidney look like when you hear people say "kidney care"? If the following nine criteria you have achieved, then congratulations, you have the envy of others "golden kidney."

1. Listening clearly: the auditory function of the ear is closely related to the rise and fall of kidney qi, the kidney is good, the hearing is good. Conversely, when tinnitus, upset, hearing loss symptoms, you can consider more kidney deficiency.

2. The skin is glorious: kidney good, to youth resident, anti-aging. Kidney is not good, people tend to look old, the skin will become dull, the color will change, dark eyes, eye bags obvious.

3. Black hair: kidney possession of fine, its hair in the hair, hair nutrition from the blood, but its vitality is still the kidney, kidney is not good, hair white, tarnished, and there hair loss.

4 strong bones: Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the main bone, the bone is nourished by the kidney essence, the kidney is good, the bone is good. The decline of Kidney Qi will lead to osteoporosis, backache, and even loose teeth.

5. Good memory: kidney essence also raise the brain, kidney failure may occur often forgotten, unresponsive and so on.

6. Urine clear foam less: If a sudden increase in urination foam, long time does not disappear, indicating that more urine excretion of protein. If the urine color is abnormal, was dark brown, soy sauce color or turbidity, such as washing water of rice, should pay attention. In addition, there could not hold back urine, urine pain symptoms should be timely treatment.

7. Early body no edema: the kidney is the body's metabolism of water, organs, kidney is not good, water will accumulate. Experts advise, if you often get up early eyelid edema, or feet, legs swollen, have to consider the kidney problem.

8. full of energy: When the renal function problems, the body's waste residue difficult to excrete from the urine out, there will be sluggishness, fatigue, uncomfortable feeling.

9. Normal blood pressure: impaired renal function will appear symptoms of elevated blood pressure, and hypertension will increase kidney damage. Once the occurrence of nocturia in patients with nocturia, diabetic patients with urinary protein or lower extremity edema problem, indicating that the kidneys have been damaged. Normal occasional fatigue, do not worry, adjust sleep may improve, but if the symptoms last for at least a week, be sure to go to the hospital.

When you reach these nine criteria, you have a golden kidney

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