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Three methods to detoxification the kidney

Kidney is the main organ of our body detoxification, which plays a role in the excretion of metabolic waste, regulate acid-base balance, impaired renal function is extremely harmful to our health, then we know the best time for detoxification of the kidneys, How to detoxify the kidneys?

1, drinking water to remove the kidney garbage law: the best detoxification time in the kidney is 5 to 7 in the morning, the body after a night of dressing, toxins are gathered in the morning kidney, then drink a cup of warm water (you can add a small amount of salt, one take The kidney, while the second has the effect of clearing the throat), wash the kidneys, toxins from the body is the easiest way.

2, fruits and vegetables rule out the kidney garbage law: kidney filter blood toxins and protein waste generated after decomposition, and then excreted through the urine, so eating diuretic, kidney function of the food, can enhance the detoxification function of the kidney. Such as cucumber, melon, yam and other foods, helps to strengthen the kidney urination and enhance renal detoxification.

3, Eat less protein to reduce the burden on the kidneys: Protein is the main component of human tissues, some of the antibodies are also related to the formation of the protein. However, excessive protein will increase the acidity of urine, but also increase the purine coefficient in urine and increase the risk of urinary tract stones. Therefore, regular consumption of protein-rich meat, will increase the burden on the kidneys.

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Three methods to detoxification the kidney

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