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What are the common causes of renal cancer?

The tumor is the most difficult to cure. How many people know about the cause of renal cell carcinoma? Let's let our experts tell us about the cause of this disease.

What are the common causes of renal cancer?

1, unreasonable diet: long-term consumption of moldy food, moldy food, pickles, smoked and salted fish, excessive intake of salt, can increase the risk of gastric cancer. These foods contain high concentrations of nitrate, easy to be absorbed by the body, in the stomach was transformed into nitrite reductase bacteria, and then combine with amines into carcinogenic amines. Food-induced gastric cancer is also one of the easiest to avoid.

2, Helicobacter pylori infection: the secretion of toxins can make gastric mucosal lesions, so we must pay attention to their own health, to avoid infection can cause renal cell carcinoma.

3, genetic factors: genetic factors is one of the causes of gastric cancer. Epidemiological investigation shows that the incidence of renal cancer has a tendency of family aggregation, and this kind of people should pay special attention to the prevention of gastric cancer.

4, precancerous lesions: that is, systemic or local disease and state that are prone to change, such as chronic atrophic gastritis, adenomatous polyps, residual gastritis and so on.

The above is the relevant information collected by experts, surely we have some understanding of the above common sense it! Only the correct diagnosis, to better treatment. If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, but also can give us a message, tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine kidney disease experts will give you the most professional and effective treatment or advice.

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