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What caused the younger trend of kidney disease?

Uremia dialysis patients, young people began to increase the phenomenon, some five years ago, aware of. Dialysis patients are mostly from more than 40 years old, and then to the majority of 30-year-old, now more than 20-year-old uremic patients have been weird. So what caused the younger trend of kidney disease?

What caused the younger trend of kidney disease?

Stressful, overworked. In young people with kidney disease, 70% of patients are due to over-exertion, long-term high stress, stressful environment. Over time, the decline in immunity has plagued the occurrence of chronic kidney disease.

Bad habits. Young means vitality, but also because of young, for some unhealthy behavior is unscrupulous. Such as staying up late, binge eating, love cold drinks, heavy-flavored diet, irregular diet and so on.

drug abuse. The young people working outside are usually afraid of having a headache. Go to the hospital to see a doctor, is not no money is no time. So choose the nearest clinic, take a few boxes of cold medicine, painkillers, etc., indiscriminately eating, one kind of regardless of the use of two. This abuse of drugs, not only lead to increased kidney burden, will also directly harm the kidneys.

Innate factors. Some patients are due to congenital blood deficiency, resulting in kidney disease. Part of such innate factors are inherited, partly from kidney damage in infancy, which has been latent for more than a decade. Therefore, attention to the health of the kidneys should also be concerned about the child's kidney health.

infection. There are many young people are not very attention to warm, resulting in the body's resistance decreased, causing upper respiratory tract infection, sore throat, common cold, flu and other symptoms will induce kidney disease, aggravating the symptoms of kidney disease.

Therefore, learning to increase the body's resistance is very important to change the kidney injury behavior. The young people should pay more attention to work and rest.

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