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How does patients with chronic kidney disease exercise?

The benefits of regular moderate exercise are self-evident, but excessive exercise is harmful to people with kidney disease. Excessive exercise due to fatigue, reduce resistance, induced agitation or aggravating illness. Visible, how to master the "degree" of movement, for nephritis patients is very important. Especially in acute or severe renal disease, but should be cautious.

How does patients with chronic kidney disease exercise?

How to determine the amount of exercise is appropriate?

Exercise time without muscle weakness, difficulty breathing or physical fatigue prevail, and then you can gradually extend the time of each exercise. As for the exercise intensity, it is recommended that patients who never exercise, it is best to have a gradual increase in the intensity of the process, so as not to exceed their tolerance. At the beginning, the exercise heart rate reached the maximum heart rate (simple empirical formula: the maximum heart rate = 220- age) of 30% to 50% on it; the transitional phase to reach 50% to 60%; exercise into the right track, you can maintain at 60 % ~ 80%. Frequency 2-3 times a week is better.

Expensive to insist on exercise. Patients with nephropathy taboo a single exercise intensity is too strong, then the intensity is moderate and insisted more important. Here are a few tips:

According to their own circumstances (such as age, physical fitness, occupation, hobbies, etc.) choice, if there is a sports companion, usually encourage each other to urge, and more conducive to adhere to the preferred aerobic Exercise, it can enhance cardiorespiratory endurance.

Precautions before and after exercise:

To choose the right weather out of exercise, to avoid the bad weather, the best fresh air, quiet place. Winter and spring do not walk in the tuyere and high-rise buildings, so as not to feel cold, upper respiratory tract infection, increase kidney disease.

Exercise before doing warm-up and preparation for exercise, such as leg, twist, turn around, pull up, etc., both active joint muscles, prevent sprains, but also allows the body to better prepare for exercise. Appropriate massage after exercise is more conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease; exercise and physical therapy, can reduce fatigue, but also improve the curative effect.

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