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What harm does urine protein drain of hypertensive nephropat

What harm does urine protein drain of hypertensive nephropathy have?Hypertension patients suffering from hypertension, combined with hypertension nephropathy urine protein loss, the consequences will be unthinkable.

What harm does urine protein drain of hypertensive nephropathy have?Normal urine usually do not have protein, because in the kidneys there is blood on the protein filter membrane, the protein is unable to pass this membrane, the filter membrane can only be small molecules, such as water, inorganic salts, urea , uric acid, and macromolecules such as protein, cholesterol, vitamins are unable to pass this layer of membrane, glucose can also pass this layer of membrane. However, there are glucose-absorbing cells in the kidneys, which return glucose to the bloodstream, so there is generally no macromolecular substance in the urine of normal people, such as proteins and glucose. If hypertensive nephropathy urine protein loss, can lead to human body imbalance.

In fact, urinary protein is not that simple. The occurrence of chronic nephritis urinary protein not only makes a lot of loss of nutritional protein, but also aggravate the lesion of glomerular lesions. In addition, under normal circumstances, glomeruli will filter out some small molecule protein, but can be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream of the tubular, long-term urine protein will lead to long-term tubular overload, which will cause damage to the renal tubules .

Kidney is the excretion organ of human body, if urine protein problem can affect the whole human body, even life. Urine protein, will result in protein loss, the human body has a considerable part of the protein structure, indicating that protein is an important human body material, and all enzymes in the human body are proteins, it is also important for human gene duplication, that is to say, people can not lose protein. If the protein is lost, the human body will not be able to function normally, causing the physiological function to slow down or even stagnate until death.

Through the above brief introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding about " the harm of urinary protein loss in hypertensive nephropathy," . In short hypertensive nephropathy urinary protein loss on the human body is very large, therefore, kidney disease experts remind patients once diagnosed with the disease, should be promptly to the regular hospital for treatment.

What harm does urine protein drain of hypertensive nephropathy have?

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