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Nephropathy patients must be clear about the treatment of dr

In nephropathy treatment, patients tend to neglect the regular use of some drugs, especially hormone drugs, because of the improvement of symptoms. The side effects of these drugs make many patients anxious to reduce the duration of treatment, but in fact, If you do not follow the doctor's orders to reduce drug withdrawal, will often be detrimental to the improvement of the condition.

Nephropathy patients must be clear about the treatment of drugs to reduce and stop problem!

Generally in the course of nephropathy treatment, the patients taking hormone treatment according to the principle of hormone withdrawal, the appropriate amount of decreasing hormone drug. General doctors suggest not to cut down on hormone drugs, but should be in the treatment process according to the disease gradually reduced.

Because nephropathy is a long-term chronic disease, the course of disease is long and the recovery is slow, and the changes in glomerular function and structure generally take about six to nine months. Therefore, during the treatment of nephropathy, patients must take adequate courses of treatment according to doctor's advice when taking drugs. Not only will it bring long-term pain to the patient, but it will also hinder the doctor's treatment ideas and treatment plan.

At the same time, in the treatment of nephropathy, we should actively prevent colds, prevent urinary tract infections caused by various conditions, and at the same time, pay attention not to be overworked, calm, not irritable and angry, persist in treatment for a long time, and those who are more seriously ill should not eat salt. Milder patients also eat a low-salt diet, about 3-5 grams a day, and actively quit smoking and alcohol.

Nephropathy itself is not terrible. What is terrible is the slackness and relaxation of vigilance in the treatment of kidney disease, the lack of a positive attitude towards treatment, the relaxation of the use of drugs when the condition improves, and the failure to carry out treatment in accordance with the doctor's order and course of treatment, thus delaying the condition of the disease. Lose the best time of treatment, bring long-term pain to the patient. Therefore, please take the medicine regularly and quantitatively according to the doctor's advice, get complete and thorough treatment in time, and recover early.

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