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What conditions can patients with kidney disease be pregnant

Renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate increased 30-50 from gestational week 12 to delivery. Kidney diameter can be increased by 1cm, returned to normal within 6 months after delivery. Due to changes in kidney physiology during pregnancy, can make the original kidney disease worse. So what conditions can a woman of childbearing age with kidney disease become pregnant?

What conditions can patients with kidney disease be pregnant?

The conditions that allow for pregnancy are:

1, normal renal function

2, normal blood pressure;

3, proteinuria did not reach the category of nephropathy.

For patients with chronic renal failure, moderate to severe renal function decline, the first to prohibit pregnancy. Once inadvertent pregnancy, should take measures to terminate the pregnancy, otherwise it will cause deterioration of renal function and irreversible. Mild renal damage, should be closely observed blood pressure, renal function, urinary protein, such as the emergence of a large number of proteinuria, hypertension, renal function than the previous decline of 20% -30%, you should terminate the pregnancy.

Patients with chronic nephritis, during pregnancy, there was an increase in urinary protein, while no change in renal function, blood pressure can be controlled in the normal range, can continue to pregnancy, while closely observe the changes in condition. If there is a range of renal proteinuria, urinary protein, or 24 hours> 3.0g, then glucocorticoid therapy.

For women of childbearing age common lupus nephritis, pregnancy must control lupus activity for more than 6 months, renal function and normal blood pressure. After pregnancy to strengthen the close observation of autoantibodies, especially the detection of anti-cardiolipin antibodies, such as high titer, it may occur eclampsia, termination of pregnancy, as the case may be.

In short, renal patients during pregnancy should be followed up closely by urine examination, renal function and blood pressure. Once found that renal dysfunction, should first rule out reversible factors, such as dehydration, urinary tract infections and other factors, and to be removed. In the absence of these factors and deterioration of renal function, should consider termination of pregnancy. If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, you can also give us a message, Tongshantang traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Nephrology specialist will give you the most professional and most effective treatment methods or suggestions.

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