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How to correctly treat their own kidney problems?

Many people have kidney disease but can not correctly understand it. For example, I am a nephrotic syndrome, but he is a chronic nephritis. Why do doctors tell me that my disease can be completely cured but easily relapse, and he can only control and even need lifelong drugs to maintain, which requires you to understand the different characteristics of different diseases.

How to correctly treat their own kidney problems?

Nephrotic syndrome pided into primary and secondary, primary nephrotic syndrome pathological type of minor lesions, easy to control but also easy to relapse; if mesangial proliferation or membrane proliferation, or membranous, or focal segmental sclerosis, Equivalent to chronic nephritis, poor control, easy to repeat, may require drug lifetime maintenance. The pathogenesis of chronic nephritis is more IgA nephropathy, the regular treatment of urinary protein in most of the 2 or 3 months negative, and occult blood continued for a long time, the pathological type in Lee's 3 above the vast majority of patients need low-dose hormone or immune Inhibitors for life.

For example: A patient with nephrotic syndrome, the pathology is a minor lesion, the onset of adequate hormone control of the disease, about 10 days urine protein negative, after treatment, hormone reduction or withdrawal of patients for about 2 years, the disease recurrence, give enough hormone treatment again. B patients pathological nephrotic syndrome focal segmental sclerosis, repeated use of hormones and immunosuppressive agents, urinary protein recurring.

Therefore, nephropathy patients in the course of treatment, if the initial resistance to renal puncture examination after 3 months of treatment is still positive urine protein or the condition has not been improved, renal puncture examination is recommended. To understand the pathological types and make a scientific judgment on the drug use and prognosis of the disease at the same time!

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