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Is hematuria a symptom of nephropathy?

Physical examination is very important, because physical examination can let us know whether the physical condition is healthy, when the medical examination is what causes hematuria? Many people say that hematuria is the symptoms of kidney disease. There is hematuria is suffering from kidney disease? This question, we ask the hospital experts in kidney disease to give us the relevant answers, take you to understand what is the reason for hematuria. What is the symptoms of kidney disease? Lets come look. Clinical hematuria is a major symptom of kidney disease patients. What is the reason for hematuria, clinical manifestations of the main reasons are the following:

Hematuria occurs in the wedding or growth period, mostly for the renal pelvis, bladder and urethral inflammation caused. Hematuria associated with urinary frequency, urgency and dysuria and other symptoms of bladder irritation, you have to consider the urinary tract infection; such as associated with low back pain, kidney area percussion pain or fever, mostly pyelonephritis; only bladder irritation symptoms lack of systemic infection Symptoms, mostly cystitis; in the stool or sexual intercourse after the hematuria, often after the urethritis; hematuria occurs in severe colic, the more for the kidney or ureteral stones; urination pain, sudden urination or dysuria , Mostly for the bladder or urethral calculi; standing when the hematuria and lying down when the disappearance, you should consider the sagging; severe exercise after hematuria, compared with hematuria after exercise or kidney stones; first long urination difficulties, after Have hematuria, should be considered for prostate disease or urinary tract infection. Often is often a signal or manifestation of urinary tract cancer.

The above is about hematuria what is the reason for the introduction, I believe we see after the clear it! Hematuria is likely to be the performance of kidney disease symptoms, so be sure to actively care for their own body.

Is hematuria a symptom of nephropathy?

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